PharmaPendium is a unique online resource that puts drug safety data of US- approved drugs at a researcher's fingertips. This information repository lets researchers understand the full scope of projected risks early in the drug development process.

  • Search hundreds of US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approval packages or SBAs (Summaries for Basis of Approval) to find valuable pre-clinical and clinical research data and approval information.

  • Review drug safety issues by studying integrated preclinical, clinical and post-marketing adverse effects and toxicities.

  • Compare gold-standard animal and human data for US-approved drugs to analyse toxicity studies in different models.

  • Share the results with colleagues to assess the safety of your candidate.

PharmaPendium is essential for:

  • Drug safety researchers

  • Toxicologists

  • Safety pharmacologists

  • Regulatory affairs

  • Information specialists

  • DMPK/ADME (Drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics/ Absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion)

  • Clinical researchers

  • Pharmacovigilance

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