Embase is the most comprehensive online source of biomedical answers. It helps you in: tracking drug adverse events; comparing drug therapies for disease; and evidence based medicine research.  

With over 20 million records from more than 7,000 active authoritative journals, Embase is designed to fully meet your research needs. Holding over 1,800 biomedical titles not offered by Medline, Embase delivers comprehensive, authoritative, reliable coverage of the most relevant biomedical literature.

Embase is supported by our unique life science thesaurus, Emtree. Comprehensive and polyhierarchically structured, Emtree provides a consistent description of all biomedical terminology, allowing unrivaled drug and disease indexing and retrieval.

  • Embase includes over 20 million bibliographic records with abstracts and index terms.

  • More than 800,000 records are added annually.

  • Embase covers more than 7,000 journal titles published in 70 countries.

  • There are live links to full text content on a range of resources.

  • Emtree contains over 56,000 preferred terms (of which more than 27,000 are drugs and chemicals) – more than twice as large as MeSH.

  • Emtree contains more than 230,000 synonyms (with over 144,000 drugs and chemical synonyms).

  • Other Embase features include: indexed drug and disease relationships, quick and easy refining of search results, indexed articles in press, indexed conference abstracts, automatic synonym translation, daily data updates and e-mail alerts for automatic delivery of new records. 

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